Costa Rica´s Travel Guide

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Costa Rica´s Travel Guide

For most of Costa Rica, the dry season runs from December through April. During these months, the Pacific coast and most of the Central Valley receive little rain, or the odd afternoon shower. May through mid-November is considered the rainy season, when days are marked by sunny mornings and late afternoon thunderstorms. The Caribbean coast, Monteverde and Arenal areas are exceptions to this rule, and have no distinct dry season.

Nature walk

More than 25% of Costa Rica’s land is dedicated to national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges. There are more than 100 different protected areas to visit.

Costa Rica's

There are 800 miles of coastline in Costa Rica between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Costa Rica's official language is Spanish, though a large number of its citizens are bilingual. English, due to its status as the international language of tourists, is the most common second language in Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos (males) or Ticas (females).

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