Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is a country in Central America. It coin is the colón and it official language is the Spanish. The best moment to go is on the dry season, between December and April, their summer. But if you go on the rainy season, between May and December it gonna be cheaper and with fewer people


GatronomyThe tripe soup is one of the most famous plate of this country. If you go on Christmas time, you probably you eat tamales.

How to go?You can go on plane, that lasts between 10 and 11 hours. You can go also in a long trip on boat that lasts 7 days

What to do?You can visit the several national parks like the Tortuguero, Corcovado or Manuel Antonio. Also the marine national park Las Baulas. There are lot of volcanos like the Arenal, Chato... The river Celeste or the cataract La Fortuna. You can go to the National Theatre or the national Museum.

PriceYou can go to the best hotel in Costa Rica, Reserva Conchal that cost 970 euros the night. But if you want a hotel more cheaper you can stay at the Boutique A Cachete with a price of 12 euros the night. At this price you have to include the plane ticket that cost 461 euros and you have to go to Barcelona on train that cost 39 euros. Total:7290 the 1st option or 584 euros the 2nd.


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