Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The video above is an African-Caribbean Culture parade that takes place in Limon, Costa Rica.

Above is a picture of the Arenal Volcano. Many people visit Costa Rica to explore their many volcanos.

this is a video from Costa Rica and some Costa Rican music in the background.

This video above is a video of how to make garlic fried yucca which is very common in Costa Rica.

This is a video of a rare animal species called tapirs. They are related to rhinos and horses and are native to Costa Rica.

Windsurfing is one of the many fun activities you can do in beautiful Costa Rica.

The picture above is Costa Rica's Map.

The picture above is Claudia Poll, an Olympic gold metalist and a world record swimmer from Costa Rica.

Above is a map of Costa Rica. the capial is San Jose and some major cities are Moin and Caldera.



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