Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Why?I love this country! The food, people and scenary are amazing! It is full of adventure and leisure, the best of both worlds.

How to get there?To get to Costa Rica which is located in Central America just below Mexico you need to fly on an aeroplane.I would fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles, USA and then onto San Joes, Costa Rica.

Resembles home because?Costa Rica is warm and has lots of beautiful beaches. There are lost of people living there, lost of families. Most people live in houses and drive cars or motorbikes.

Different to home beacuse?Costa Rican's speak spanish and their currency is colones. It is very warm all year round, they have a wet and a dry season. There are many mountains and volcanos in Costa Rica. They have an enormous range of delicious fruits and vegetables that grow in their country and compared to Melbourne it is very cheap to live there.

It takes approximately 20 hours to fly from Melbourne to Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica is 12, 256 Kilometeres from Melbourne!


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