Cosplay Culture

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Cosplay Culture

3. People whom cosplay may already have or develop a great set of creativity and art skills, nurtured by need of knowledge about make up skills crucial to the practice, for example contouring to characterise the face to look more animated. Also, an increasing number of cosplayers not only make their costumes by hand, using material from local store and a sewing machine, but also their own props out of wood or plastic that is spray painted, instead of buying a premade costume set one which could prove costly.

4. People often cosplay for two reasons, to express the things they love and have compassion for, as many desire to be characters of video games, television shows etc. due to the interest in them and cosplaying enables you to devote yourself to a part of achieving this desire and also expressing yourself.

Cosplay Highlights Australia 2014

2.Cosplaying initially originated in Japan and the once-niche craze rose to popularity in the early 90s with the help of the promotion of the celebration of comics, television and movies.Cosplay is more than a glorified costume party nor is it merely costuming. It is a very unique form of performance art and it has become so massively popular within the 'geek' and also the Japanese community, that it is thought of as a fundamental aspect during gatherings of individuals whom subscribe to these communities of interest; conventions. Cosplaying even has many of its own conventions all over the world, even in Melbourne, bringing a massive net of costume enthusiasts.

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5. The cosplay community is also a great part of the culture as there are so many people who share the same interests and even if not so, everyone respects your effort and compassion. It is capable of bringing strangers together to form wonderful friendships through the sharing of the cosplay experience.


1. Cosplay is a shortened word form of two words- costume and play and it is the practice and culture pretending, or in a more serious attitude, taking on the role of fictional characters and portraying their characteristics and appearance, whilst in costume. The characters identified by people are more commonly belonging to anime/manga (Manga are Japanese graphic books whilst Anime are a style of animated film/television which are often based off Mangas), video games and literature pieces like comics.


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