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A cosmetologist working in a salon may be paid in a number of ways: by the hour, straight salary, salary plus commission, or straight commission.

Cut, style, and color hair, and apply products to correct problems such as dandruffProvide makeup analysis and apply makeupGive facials using creams, facial masks, and massage techniquesDo manicures and pedicuresUsually specialize in a particular area, such as hairstyling

Some vocational schools and 2-year colleges offer general cosmetology programs, while others offer separate hairstyling, esthetics (skin care), and nail technician programs. There are also many private cosmetology schools (often called beauty schools).


Cosmetologists are trained in a lot more than decorating and painting us. In addition to knowing how to style hair and apply makeup, they are also trained to keep our hair, skin, and nails healthy and in good condition.



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