Cosettes misery

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Cosettes misery

Cosette's Misery

baby Cosette

Cosette and Valjean

CosetteOverall Cosette has a very miserable life. Everything that happens to her in some way makes her sad. While many of the things that do happen are posative events, like when she is taken in be Valjean, and meeting Marius. Something always happens to her that breaks her down and makes her miserable all over again. She loses hope and it leaves her wishing for more. Cosette is one of the miserables in Les Mis.

With Fantine:Cosette's father abandoned her and fantine. This left them with no money and little help. Im the end fantine had to leave cosette with the Thenadiers which started her misery.

With The Thenadiers:The Thenadiers treated Cosette like a slave. She didnt know what love was and she felt very alone. The Thenadiers caused her childhood to be miserable.

big Cosette

With Marius:Cosette loved Marius, he was the first person that she had connected with. She was forced to leave him when she left town. This tore Cosette apart, then she accepts the fact that she wont see him again. She was miserable with the idea of losing him.

With Valjean:while Cosette was treated with love and wasnt mistreated, she was kept in hiding so that Valjean wasnt found. She said she didnt mind but she was lonely and didnt have many people to spend time with. This kept her misery low but presant

Cosette and Marius


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