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The Corythosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period. It was about 40 feet long and 6.6 feet tall. It was about 10,00 pounds. It was a herbivore, which means it ate plants such as tree leaves, pine needles, and berries. It also ate rocks to help grind up the food in its stomach.

The Corythosaurus has small, light teeth behind its beak that were used for grinding up its food. It had a long neck, so it couldn't support large, heavy teeth. The Corythosaurus was a semi-intelligent dinosaur that liked to travel in large herds with other dinosaurs.

The Corythosaurus was cold blooded and it usually walked on two legs, however sometimes it would walk on 4. It was a very fast dinosaur and it could swim very well. It didn't usually attack other dinosaurs and had no real defence mechenism except it was fast.

The Corythosaurus usually went up high to reproduce.

The Corythosaurus is commonly known as the "Helmet Lizard."

The difference between males and females is that the male has a larger crest on top of his head.

By Julia Penczak


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