Cortney Bardwell

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Cortney Bardwell


Gender I think in this book Gender really does not make a diffrents because now matter if you are a black men or woman you will still be bitting if you do wrong.

Family In this book family is really big because if you dont have people that care about you then you dont feel loved like Lily.

SocialIs the way the whites are to the colors and how the colors are to the whites like when Lily came to live with the Boutwright sister June was not okay with it because Lily was white and Lily had to understand that colord people can be smart too.

QuotationsPeople who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about life.” p.2

Political the Start for a new beginning was when the sined the civil rights act. and all of the of littel things other people did to make a difference. It was a attempt to have equal rights

IdentityIn this book all of the people had to find out who they really are. Most of all Lily and Tray needed to because they did not know who they are and what they are doing in this world.

BeesThe bees have a big part in this book they are away that Augest get to LIly and lots her know more about life and her mother.

ValuesIn this book i think values is what you belive in and what you do in what you belive in. like Augest siad that she loves her freedom more then getting marred.


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