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Cortes was born on 1485 December ,2 in Hern'an C Medellin, Castile spain. He is Known for exploring the Aztec empire in 1503 at the age of 18. Cortes had explored the Aztec empire because he tried to look for gold and Claim land for spain. When Cortes had setteled into the Azte c empire many of his men died from the climate , but Cortes did not turn back and return to Spain.Cortes had burned down his own ships, so that nobody will try to escape. Corte's had met some indians and had battled them for there land. Finally Corte's had finaly succeded ,and had claimed the land for spain.


1485- Cortes is born.1503-set sail1519-arrival in hometown

. When Cortes Had arrived in Spain in 1519 he was appointed Govenor. . In 1528 Cortes recives the title Marques Del Valle De Oaxco. (King of the valley.). CCortes was given fame and riches when he arrived in 1519.

Reason for Exploring for

He tried to find Gold, and claim the land for spain.




His story


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