Cortés and Montezuma

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Cortés and Montezuma

Cortés and Montezuma

Hernando Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellín, Spain. He wanted to be famous and have fortune, so in he 1504 he sailed to the West Indies. In 1519, Diego Velázquez, the governor of Cuba, sent Cortés on an expedition to find out if great riches in Mexico were true. But he disobeyed his new orders and took off for Mexico. He had 11 ships and an army of about 500 men.

Hernando Cortés

Montezuma II was born around 1470 in Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital. At the time Cortés head to Mexico, Montezuma II had ruled over the Aztecs for about 17 years. His uncle Ahuizotl was the ruler of the Aztecs in 1502. His grandfather was Montezuma I, who had founded the Aztec Empire. By 1519, when Cortés landed in Mexico, Montezuma ruled over an empire of more than 5 million people.

Montezuma II

Hernando Cortés and Montezuma II

Hernando Cortés was one of the bravest conquistadors (conquerors). He came to the Americas in 1500s. Montezuma II was the ruler of the Aztec Empire, what is now a days Mexico. When the two of them met, it seale dthe fate of the Aztec Empire. After that, Mexico was ruled by Spain for the next 300 years.


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