Corruption in the 1920's

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Corruption in the 1920's

Police, Politicians, and Corrporations

This is Albert B. Falls the secratary of Interior

Joseph P. Kennedy during the 1920's founded the RKO which produced movies. He then invested in him self so that the stock share prices went up. Then more people invested him for more than the stock was worth. Then Joseph Kennedy gained the differance. This was one of the big corruptionacts by a corrporations in the 1920's.

Frank Mulligan

Teapot Dome

Corruption in the 1920's

Stock Pools

In 1918 a couple in a bar had private room were the could have drinks because it was during the state prohibition. They were intuded by two me with guns. The men stole 4,000 dollars worth of diamonds from the couple. they got away with the diamonds without getting caught. But in the same bar was police officer Frank Mulligan who was to drunk to make an arrest.

The secratary of interior Albert B. Fall got permissioto transfer control over two oil reserves. then he rented the reserves to two private oil buisness for his own profit. this was the first sighn of goverment corruption in the 1920's

Freank mulligan's Mug shot at county jail.

By: Logan Singer


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