Corrupt Bargain

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Corrupt Bargain

The Corrupt Bargain- terminology means political agreement is seen to be used in a corrupt standpoint.- First instance - Election of 1824- Second instance - Election of 1876-Third instance - Ford 1974 Nixon pardon

1) Occurred 3 times in US History during elections/presidencies2) In all three cases, the winning contender in the elections never ran again or was not re-elected.3) All involved pushed forward to get to the top but to lose it in the end


Third Case

First Case

Second Case

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"The Corrupt Bargain"




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    I, for one, take issue with your presentation good sir. For one, you seem to have purposely misrepresented the actual occurrences during this negotiation process. There was no corruption in the bargain, for there was no bargain. Henry Clay was awarded that position in the Cabinet by his merits and his merits only. Please delete this glog and refrain from spreading your liberal propaganda here.