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Corrie ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom



Was Corrie Ten Boom a hero.Corrie ten boom, a holocaust survivor, is a hero that led 800 people to salvation. She did this while incarcerated, and after she was released. She smuggled a bible and held bible studies into ravensbrook, the concentration camp where she was held. After she was released she started a ministry for concentration camp survivors. She was faithful to God.

“we are called to have and influence.”

she was born on april 15,1892and died on april 15, 1983

Corrie and her family lived in holland.Corries family cosisted of her father, her two sisters, and her brother. her mother died when she was a young child. her father was a watchmaker, and she had an interest in watch making so she became the first women t become a watchmaker in holland. she grew up in a strictly calvanists home.

When the holocaust occurred they would protect Jews by hiding them in their house. One night the Nazis came to their house and arrested them for protecting the Jews. The Jews that were presently living there hid in a closet and stayed there for about three days. Corrie’s family was incarcerated, and she and her sister Betsie were taken to a concentration camp called Ravensbrook.

Corrie ten Boom was a hero because she went out of her way to be a witness to strangers while going through a horrific situation. She continued even after she was released and led over eight hundred people to salvation. She was faithful to God and he will bless her for her faithfulness in heaven.


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