Corpses and Crossdressers

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Corpses and Crossdressers

Corpses &Crossdressers

Written By: Mark Twain

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Changes In Huck:During these chapters, you can see the way different people have affected Huck. Tom has affected him by instilling the idea that everything is a joke, which you see when he pranks Jim, resulting in something serious. Huck has also been affected by Jim because he starts to believe the superstition about the snake-skin after the bite Jim gets. But Huck is impressionable, and he changes from the curious boy to the boy who is just trying to survive, like when he sets a new fire and then runs away with Jim.

Essential Question:Should lying always be the first thing someone does to get what they want?

Setting:The setting is on Jackson's Island. There are lots of trees, and the shore has a lot of driftwood and debri, as well as abandoned canoes.

New Characters:Mrs. Judith Loftus- a nice woman who just moved into where Huck used to live. Huck meets her trying to get information and he fails to trick her. She then tells Huck, or "George" that if she needs anything to come find her.

Author's Purpose:Twain shows Huck's fail as a girl possibly to show that Huck isn't all that big of a liar. He seems to be able to lie but not at a ridiculous level. It assures that Huck will not be shown is an extremely negative light as a pathological liar.

Episode Summary:The episode begins with Judge Thatcher, Bessie Thatcher, Pap, Tom Sawyer and many others looking for Huck's carcass in the water by shooting cannonballs and throwing bread with "quicksilver" into the water. Huck takes a loaf and then hides until they leave. After three days doing nothing on the island, Huck goes exploring and finds Jim alone, and Jim tells him that Miss Watson was thinking about selling him to New Orleans. Jim left before he could hear anything else. Later on in the episode, Huckleberry and Jim find a place to hide in case of emergency. They put all of their things there and stayed inside during the storm. When the storm ended, they found a small house drifting on the water. They go inside to find a dead body, in which Jim hides from Huck because the face is "too gashly". They both take a few things from the house. Jim hides in the canoe to stay hidden and then they go to the island. By chapter ten, Huck is pranking Jim. Jim had mentioned how touching a snakeskin would bring bad luck, so Huck put a dead rattlesnake under Jim's blankets. This attracted the snakes mate and Jim was bitten in his heel and bed-ridden for four days. Later on, Huck wants to go to find information and Jim suggests he disguise himself as a girl. He meets a woman named Mrs. Judith Loftus (who saw right through his girl act). She told him that the suspects for Huck's murder were Pap and Jim, and that she was sending her husband, armed, to see who was by the fire that Huck and Jim had made. When he get's back to the island, he builds a decoy fire and leaves with Jim.

Essential Question:Why was it so rare for people to be so giving in those times?

Episode 3: Chapters 8-11


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