Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

While awareness of corporate or organizational culture in businesses and other organizations such as universities emerged in the 1960s, the term “corporate culture” was developed in the early 1980s and widely known by the 1990s. To create positive cross-culture experiences and facilitate a more cohesive and productive corporate culture, companies often devote in-depth resources to combating the occurrence of the above, including specialized training that improves cross-culture business interactions.

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. A company's culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and every other aspect of operations.



Google Inc. is a company that is well-known for its employee-friendly corporate culture. It explicitly defines itself as unconventional and offers perks such as telecommuting, flextime, tuition reimbursement, free employee lunches, on-site doctors and, at its corporate headquarters in Moutain View, Calif., on-site services like oil changes, massages, fitness classes, car washes and a hair stylist. Google has less traditional management strategies that include fostering creativity, collective problem solving, and greater employee freedom. It has been argued that this is also the key to this companies success.


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Troy Tulowitzki managed a few smiles at Wednesday's introductory news conference which means the self-described intense competitor is happy. It also means he senses a winning product with these Blue Jays. "You just need that one good month when you play great baseball, you get ahead in the standings, find yourself in the playoffs and you go from there. Anything can happen in the playoffs." This qoute from Troy sets the example of the coporate culture of the Blue Jay's team.

I believe the corporate culture at Centennial is a very encouraging and effective culture. The atmosphere at Centennial is really positive and supportive. Teachers and students are very helpful to others reguarding school work, sports or social needs. It is a great learning environment with different learning stategies and different surrounding options that suit you best for success.

I haven't been on many sports teams since I was young so I haven't joined any at Centennial but I have a good idea of how team work is done. In gym classes I'll play in seperated teams with classmates and I find it a lot different then I've ever experienced on any sport teams. The gym teams are very supportve of the good team members and the not so good team members. Everyone is encouraged and cheered on by their team members and others from the other team.

I used this video to show the support the crowd gives Troy, this shows the great corporate culture surrounding the baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays.

I used this video because it shows the different types and systems of corporate culture there are within many different work environments.

I chose to use this video because it talks about successful corporate culture and happiness. The main focus in this video is on happiness in the your work environment as the key to a successful work team.

I chose this video because it focuses on the surroundings in a work place as a great factor in success. I believe this video is right in saying a colourful, creative, fun environment will creative intensely creative ideas from the workers.


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