Coronation Chicken

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Coronation Chicken

Story of the recipeInvented by Rosemary Hume at the occasion of Elizabeth II's crowning in 1953, this dish had been served during one of the official lunche.

HOW TO DO ?Fill a small bowl of water, put in it the fair grapes to rehydrate them.Make poach chicken breasts in the broth of poultry during 15 minutes. When the chicken is cooked, let it a little cool on a board. Meanwhile, in a salad bowl, mix the honey, the curry, the chutney of mango, the mayonnaise and the cream. Then take your chicken and slice thinly it finely, add the pieces of chicken in the sauce spices mango and mix. Incorporate then the fair grapes after you have drained them well.Make gild flaked almonds, sprinkle them on the dish of chicken and mix.

For 2 people:- 60g of fair grapes- 2 chicken breasts- 1L of broth of poultry- 1 soup spoon of honey- 2 soup spoons of curry- 3 soup spoons of chutney of mango- 2 soup spoons of mayonnaise (made at home)- 1 soup spoon of cream- 40g of flaked almonds

To my mind, this recipe who at the beggining looked spicy and hard in taste is sweet and really likeable. I personnaly don't like the curry but this dish make me appreciate it !Manon Gil 1L



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