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Social Studies
World History

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This is a picture of money. The entire area of the Middle east is productive in farming, indusrty, trade, and tourism, but oil is what makes the real money in the Middle East.

This a a picture of oil. Oil is one of the reasons that the Middle East is such a world focal point because oil is their best trade and best nonrenewable resource found there. It atracts other countries to them because oil is one of the most main, expensive power source in the world.

This is a picture of the group called Isis. When most people think about the Middle East they think about this terrorist group. According to "http:/", the Isis want: ISIS aspires to create a caliphate, a state governed in accordance with Islamic law by God’s deputy on Earth, or caliph. A caliph seen as the successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Middle East

This is a picture of the word freedom. It makes the Middle East a focal point because even though it isnt as well known for this as the USA, it still has many freedoms similar to ours compared to other countries who aren't free. Also, in some countries there is democracy.

The Middle East has the freedom of religion, so you could practice what ever customs that you want, although most people are Islam. They aren't as technologically advanced as us, but they are becoming more modern. The Middle East is actually, in my opinion, a pretty good place to live, and their oil industry is thriving.

This is a picture of a waterway. Waterways make the Middle East a focal point because waterways are a way to transport goods and to travel.


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