Corona, CA

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Social Studies

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Corona, CA

Exploring Corona,CA

PhysicallyOverall Corona offers many sports and parks and recreations for families to be involved and live healthier lives.

Corona has many high schools, elementatry and intermediate schools that offer challenging and engaging curriculum for students. Corona-Norco Unified ranks very high in test scores and college admission of students. Average Great School Ratings are from 7/10 stars.


Emotional/SpiritualCorona offers many christian, catholic and muslin religious venues to seek spiritual and emotional support. Overall, they are about 40 religious organizations in the city of Corona.

Challenges-Poverty is still prevalent, many homeless can still be seen in different areas of the City. -Obesity is an issue in the community. -Resources for the hispanic community.

SocialCorona offers a farmers market every Saturday in the Corona Mall. Great social Event and ability to buy Healthy Foods.


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