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Chysauster Ancient VillageIt is an Iron Age settlement originally occupied almost 2,000 years ago. The village consisted of stone-walled homesteads known as 'courtyard houses', found only on the Land's End peninsula and the Isles of Scilly.


Located in the far west of Great Britain on a peninsula tumbling into the vast Atlantic ocean, almost completely surrounded by the sea, a magnificent coastline wraps around Cornwall for almost 300 miles. Cornwall is also the location of mainland Great Britain's most southerly promontory, The Lizard.

There are lots of things Cornwall is loved for; the dramatic coastline with its captivating fishing harbours; the spectacular beaches and the pounding surf that provide a natural playground for a variety of water sports and famous Cornish pasties and luscious cream teas.

Where is Cornwall?

Cotehele House For It is one of the most magical places; it provides the natural boundary between Cornwall and Devon and contains a wealth of history. This area became famous for its market gardens and mining, both well serviced by the navigable reaches of the Tamar.

Fowey - Creeks and CovesThis 5.8 mile circular walk takes in wonderful countryside, wooded creeks and stunning coastal views. There is a wealth of historical and literary interest as well as plenty of opportunities for well earned refreshments.

Kimberley Park GardenPorthkidney Beach

A bird's eye view

Things to do in Cornwall

What’s so special about it?

Culture & heritage

Cornwall has so strong industrial heritage that its mining landscape has been made a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ancient antiquities, such as stone circles and remains of iron age villages can also be found between Land’s End and Penzance.

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