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History - Corktown was founded by Irish immigrants in the 1830's... - Corktown is Detroits oldest neighborhood

CorktownDetroit, MI

All of the houses in the neighborhood were Victorian themed. They had bright colors, manicured gardens, and ornate woodwork designs. Even new houses still follow victorian styles.

On May, 24 Holly and i went to Corktown.What I really liked about Corktown was that all of the houses were unique. This purple house was my favorite because I really liked the details in the wood and the color combination.

A unique charactierstic of Corktown is the main street was made of cobble stone which gave the neighborhood charm and made for a bumpy ride.

Corktown had a lot of character. The streets were lined with giant beauitful trees. Most lawns were perfectly manicured accompanied by charming gardens. Many people were outside sitting on thier porches which gave the feeling of a community

During my time in Corktown I learned, that everything is not always what it seems. Within the urban city of Detroit is Corktown, a charming victorian style neighborhood. Detroit does not have a very good repuatation, however, Corktown is an example of hope and future for Detroit. I learned that within a city there can be very distinct neighborhoods, with completely different charactierstics.

Walking through Corktown


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