Core exercises for a healthy lifestyle

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Core exercises for a healthy lifestyle

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Exercises -Superman- lay on stomach; lift chest, arms, and legs up, keeping only your abdomen and pelvis on the floor; keep all limbs straight; hold for 15 seconds -Bridge- lay on back with knees bent; lift hips creating a straight line from shoulders to knees; hold for 30 seconds -Donkey Kickback- get on all fours and lift knees 2 inches off the ground; bring one knee to your nose and then kick straight back behind you; hold for 10 seconds

Core Exercises for a Healthy LifestyleBy: Shaniya Auxier

Good Carbohydrates- Buckwheat- Broccoli- Blueberries- Whole wheat bread- Lentils

100% whole wheat bread

buckwheat chocolate chip cookies!

Exercises -Plank- support body on forearms and toes in a position similar to a push-up; keep body in a straight line from head to hips and hips to feet; hold for 15 seconds -Bird Dog- get on all fours with knees directly under hips and hands directly under shoulders; extend one arm directly in front of you, keeping it in line with the shoulder; extend the opposite leg directly behind you, keeping it in line with the hips; reach through both ends; hold for 10 seconds



If you can dream it, you can acheive it!



Donkey Kickback

Bird Dog


You can do it!

Believe in yourself!


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