Core Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle

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Core Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle

AssignmentDesign a "core exercise healthy lifestyle" poster.Include five core exercise examples and five good carbohydrate food items as images on your poster.Include positive photos, words, events to remind you of healthy lifestyle choices.You may use MSPub, MSWord, MSPPT or your choice of software to design your own "core exercise healthy lifestyle" poster.Please see page 8 in your lesson for details and an example.Scoring: 15 points – 1 pt. each core exercise, 1 pt. each good carb, 3pts. positive words, photos, events, 2pts. creativity.

Core Exercise Healthy Lifestyle

Carbs to eat:*-Quinoa (keen-wa): Quinoa contains fiber and protein in addition to being a healthy carb. *-Whole wheat: Whole wheat is better for you than white. White breads, etc. are usually bleached and processed more than wheat.*-Popcorn: Popcorn is a whole grain, and corn is healthy to begin with. Eaten plain or lightly (LIGHTLY) salted is a good alternative to potato chips*-Barley: Barley is good to eat because it raises blood sugar slowly, resulting in longer energy and no crash between meals*-Beans: Beans contain fiber in addition to protein and carbs. They also contain a lot less fats and cholesterol than meat

*Sit ups/crunches*Side bends*Air bikes*V-Position hold

Positive Self Talk

Core/abdominal workout by GymRa. It takes 20 minutes and only requires a mat (if desired) and yourself. No weights or machines necessary.


Finally get those abs!!

Eat healthy and yummy!


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