Cordoba, Spain

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Cordoba, Spain

Fast Facts - The city of Cordoba is the capitol city of the province of Cordoba in Adalusia, Spain. - Cordoba's population is about 330,000 people - Cordoba was founded in 169BCE

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This is the main site!

This is what the local food looks like.

Paella is a traditional food served in Cordoba and all over Spain. It's cooked in a large pan and consists of seafood, chicken and saffron rice!

Cordoba's main attraction is a large mosque called La Mezquita that was converted into a cathedral after La Reconquista by Christians from the North.

Cordoba was controlled and established by ancient Romans and was later taken over by the Moors, and then by Christian crusaders from the North!

If you dug a hole straight through the Earth from Cordoba, you would end up in Hamilton, New Zealand!

Cordoba is in Southern Spain

This is the local map!

This is the Coat of Arms!

Take a small tour of Cordoba and learn a bit about the history by watching this 4 minute movie


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