Coral Reefs

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Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs disapperence

Bye Bye Coral Reefs* The oceans are becoming more acidic* man made pollution* carbon dioxide levels are risingAll of the tropical coral reefs in the world will be destroyed, desintegrating bu the end of the century.

coral reefs in danger of being destroyed

Carbon DioxideThe carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in the sea to form carbonic acid, wich interferes with the ability of the coral organisms to make their calcium carbonate shells wich form the coral reefs. But once the shells stop forming, the reef quickly crumbles, disappear.

Important the coral reefsCoral reefs are sometimes considered to be the " rainforest of the oceans" because they are the home to a wide variety of fish and other widelife, supporting about a quarter of all marines organisms. They also provide food for about 500 millions people around the world.

* A mathematical model was used to study how 9000 coral reefs from around the world would respond to rising levels of carbon dioxide and increasing ocean acidity.

Important the coral reefs.Corals have a symbolic relationship with the miscroscopie algae that live in their tissues. Giving coral its vibrant colour, the algae provide the reef creatures with most of their energy.


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