Coral Reefs

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Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs

Coral Reef is a warm, celar,shallow ocean habitats that are rich in life and tiny animals live there.

There located in eastern coast of Africa off the southern coast of India in the rd sea,and off the coasts of northeast.

.Fringing reefs are reefs that from along a cosastline.They grow on the continetal shelf in shallow water. .Brrier reefs grow parallet to shorelines,but farther out,usually separated from the land by a deep lagoon. . Coral Atolls are rings of coral that grow on top of old,sunken volcano in the ocean.

Blow fish,Angel shark,Brittle star,Clown fish,Crab,Blue ring octopus

There are so many reefs dying,Major theats to coral reefs are water pollution.

When a animal dies they haid behind a hard,stoney,branching mad out of lime stone.


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