[2014] Mia Griffiths: Coral Reefs in Honduras

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[2014] Mia Griffiths: Coral Reefs in Honduras

Dear Timmy,As you know, I am currently in Honduras on vacation. There are so many interesting facts about this place, you could write an entire book series about it! In my opinion, the most fascinating subject is the stretch of the Mesoamerican reef that goes by Honduras. In that reef, there are over 60 species of coral and about 500 species of fish. I got to snorkel and explore the beautiful coral and fish. My snorkel group even got to meet a few sea turtles! That same day, I went out with another group to sail around the reefs. The water was so clear I could see all the vibrant colors of marine life, and someone said that all the colors made the reef look like a huge painting. Everyone in Honduras seems so dedicated to the health of the coral and the surrounding wildlife, and this makes sense because the reef draws huge amounts of tourists to places like Honduras. That’s why I wanted to go so much! Today I learned that the Mesoamerican reef is around 600 miles long, and every bit of it is being monitored closely so people can know if the reef is in good health. In both my classes for the activities, the members came from all around the world to see and experience what it is like to explore a coral reef. Some people came from a really cold climate and were in complete shock that the water was so warm. In conclusion, My visit to Honduras is going well ,and I hope someday you will be able to see the part of the Mesoamerican reef in Honduras. From, Mia

Coral Reefs in Honduras


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