[2015] Katie N (6th Earth Science 2015): Coral reefs

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[2015] Katie N (6th Earth Science 2015): Coral reefs

How do coral reefs affect aquatic ecosystems?- Reefs provide shelter for a large variety of organisms.- They also give animals a place where they can spawn (release eggs into water).- Coral reefs are a source of food for many.How will the extinction of reefsaffect populations of speciesand food chains?- Many depend on coral reefs for a home; without them, they'll die out.- If one species ceases to exists, then other animals in the same food web may cease to exist too (especially if that organism is the foundation of the food web)- This is known as "the domino effect."- There will be a skyrocketing amount of predators if some animals become extinct.

Coral Reefs

What is happening to the oceans of our world?

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