[2015] Arathi N (6th Earth Science 2015): Coral reefs

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[2015] Arathi N (6th Earth Science 2015): Coral reefs

Why should humans care about the well-being of coral reefs?•Food•Medical Advances•Jobs - ex. deep sea diving tour guides•Economic benefits - tourismWhat causes coral reef bleaching?Background: Zooanthellae/algae give coral their color•Warmer water cause coral to expel zooanthellae (causes bleaching)•Doesn't allow coral to absorb sufficient calcium carbonate

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs protect the shoreline so humans can proceed in coastal development

What is happenning to the oceans of our world?

By Arathi Nair

Coral reefs are equivalent to the rainforest underwater.


Corals protect the shoreline from tsunamis, waves and other weather

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