Coral bleaching

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Global Warming & Solutions

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Coral bleaching

What can YOU do to help?1. Turn off TV and lights when you leave a room2. Open windows or use fans instead of air conditioning3. Walk, ride or use public transport to go to school


The zoozanthellae give coral their beautiful colours and keep them healthy and happy!

Zoozanthellae are very sensitive to heat, so as soon as the temperature of the ocean gets hotter, they die. This means that the coral can't get food anymore and they become stressed.

What's the problem?We are burning too much fossil fuel, which produces CO2, heating up the earth and oceans.

Zoozanthellae and CoralTiny algae called Zoozanthellae live inside coral. The algae get light from the sun and the coral harvest the light and turn it into food.

Stressed coral lose their lovely colours, and if the ocean temperature doesn't return to normal quickly enough, they die!


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