Copyright/Fair Use

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Copyright/Fair Use

Copyright/Fair Use

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement:- Use only up to 10% or 3 minutes of motion media- Use up to 10% but no more than 30 seconds of music and lyrics- Use no more than 5 images from the same artist concerning illustrations and photographs- Use up to 10% or 1000 words of text material- Use no more than 3 excerpts from a poet or less than 250 words

Examples of Misuse in Society:- Making money from sale of work and doesn't give credit to author - Large or entire work used and part of the original used is crucial to the new work's success- Many copies made of original and used to sell or made it available on the web

Copyright/Fair use:a property right attached to an original work of art or literature. It grants the author or creator exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, adapt, perform, or display the protected work

Fair Use Examples:- Criticism- Comment- News reporting- Teaching- Scholarship- Research- Parodies

This Glog was created by Amanda with credit to;Laura Kaemming: Copyright Lesson Plan


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