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Don't get caught out!

Most people thing that everything on the Internet is free to use in your own work.They're WRONG!Everything on the Internet is subject to copyright law - in other words, someone owns it, and that person has to give you permission to use it.

What things are Copyright?Anything that someone makes and puts on the Internet, e.g. a photograph, a video, a song, some sound, a drawing, a picture, etc.

Websites to

It's not ALL bad news!There is lots of stuff on the Internet that IS free to use though, you just have to know what to look for.If something doesn't have a specific license attached, you must assume that it is copyrighted and that you can't use it.Images/Videos, etc that are licensed under Creative Commons are free to use under certain conditions.Websites such as Flickr (photos) and Jamendo let you such for Creative Commons licensed material

Know about Copyright


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