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Plagiarism Plagiarizing someone's work means that:You copied the author’s text.. and..You didn't give the author credit... You didn't use quotations or intext citation... You didn't create a reference list.It is important not to plagiarize so you do not cheat yourself or steal from the author.


Copyright Law Copyright is a legal right created by law that gives the creator of original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution.Copyright law is important because it protects you and your original creative work.

Intellectual Property Books, knowledge and information that is owned by someone.IIt is important because it allows people to own their ideas and get paid for them

Public Domain Materials that are belong to everyone.Public domain is important because it helps you to understand that you can use the material without permission.

Copyright Infringement Means you broke copyright law and copied material without permission.It is important because if you break this law, you could be sued and have to pay money to the owner of the material.

Art & Drama

Did you check to see if you had permission to download a movie? an image?a song?

Know the Rules..Ask Questions.

Digital LocksDigital Locks that legally protect creative on-line works from the public.It is important because you need permission to open the lock and copy or access the material.

If you do not know if something has copyright on the internet, you must assume it is copyright.

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