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Model Digital Citizenship

Copy Right or Copy Wrong?

As teachers our responsibility is to teach and model appropriate behavior for using technology. Teachers need to address legal issues regarding using technology, internet safety and healthy ways to use technology. Some tips on how to to do this are:>model appropriate citations often>do citation practice activities >explain why plagiarism is wrong and how to obey copyright laws>discuss censorhip with your administration>use online resources to check materials' copyright permissions>set up computer stations with regards to ergonomic considerations

Chapter 4

Plagiarism is wrong. Students need to do their own work and if they use someone else's-that person deserves the credit. Teachers must provide expectations and guidelines to cite work. Some websites to detect plagiarism Teachers need to have permission to use any materials that they did not create. This includes: literay work, music, worksheets, blog and pictures. Teachers need to model correct citing of work and have students complete exercises to practice citations and giving credit. Websites to check copyright information


How to be Safe on the Internet-Never give out ANY personal identifying information-Exit site and report IMMEDIATELY if bullying occurs-NEVER agree to meet anyone from the internet-Be aware of copyright and piracy laws



Technology= computer hardware or softwareCopyright= legal protection given to creators of original works against unlawful copying and use of workPlagiarism= practice of using someone ele's work and passing it as your ownSoftware Piracy= the unlawful use of software according to copyright lawCensorship= filtering of dangerous materialEthics= the practice of observing behaviors the rest of principles of right and wrongErgonomics= study of design as it relates to himan health


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