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"Public Domain"What gives?Public domain does NOT necessarily mean an original work is free to use. While text and images may be readily available under Public Domain, aspects of that material may be protected under copyright law.Public Domain is in effect 70 years AFTER the last surviving author, composer, artist involved in the work has died.

Copyright Rights and Wrongs!

What is it? It is a way for authors, composers, artists, and writers to protect their "original works."

What is it?Fair use is when the public can use copyrighted material without creator consent

Fair Use


Video by Shannon Bussell for Rocky Creek Elementary

Who decides how the "original work" gets used then?

The creator decides who can...Make copiesPerformDistributeDisplay

1. Purpose of the work2. Type of work 3. How much is used4. Effect on its value

Fair Use: 4 Conditions

Copyright Kids Quiz

1. Always cite your sources2. Ask the author's permission if you're not sure

When in doubt:


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