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Copyright for Teachers

Copyright holder has the rights of: reproduction,performance and display, distribution, and adaptation

Fair use allows for exemptions to copyright for the purpose of knowledge and scholarship

Public Domainrefers to materials that are free to use in any way, for example,works created before 1923

Fair Use Considerations-legally acquired materials-face to face instruction-teacher inspired use

Fair Use Guidelines-10% or 1,000 words of a single work of text-10% or 30 sec of a musical work-10% or 3 min of a single movie-entire poem less than 250 words or 250 words from a longer poem only 3 poems from one poet or 5 poems from different poets-up to 5 images from one person from a single work

Written permission to use a work avoids copyright infringement

Audiovisuals may be used if directly related to curriculum,NOT for entertainment or reward

No copying of consumables like workbooks unless an order has been placed for more

Always credit the source!

Educators canNOT make anthologies from assorted copyright materials

Simpson, Carol. "Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, Fifth Edition." Santa Barbara: Linworth, 2010. Print.



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