Copyright: What You Need To Know

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Copyright: What You Need To Know

Copyright: What YOU Need to Know!!

What is COPYRIGHT??A means to protect the "intellectual property" rights of those who create original works. (Makarenko, 2009)

Intellectual PropertyProducts of "intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields" that are protected under the law. (Canadian Intellectual Property Office, 2014)

Copyright is in effect for as long as the author is alive + 50 years after his/her death!!! AWESOME!(Copyright Modernization Act, 2012)

It then becomes a part of the public domain.(Paltzat & Sundar, 2014)

What is a Digital Lock?Technology that owners of copyright material can add to protect the usage of their content.( Education Society, 2012)

PLAGARISMBasically: claiming that someone else's work/idea/creation is your own.E.g. handing in work that isn't your ownE.g. not citing sourcesE.g. improperly citing( Education Society, 2012)

Copyright = "right to copy"(Makarenko, 2009)

Why is Copyright Important?-protects the oringinal work of the author*means that someone won't just be able to take your ideas and say they are their own-lets the user know what material is available for use(Makarenko, 2009)

Types of digital locks: "passwords, encryption software, access codes," and digital watermarks.(Government of Canada, 2011)Can be found on: CD's, DVD's, music, e-books, and games( Education Society, 2012)

Watch this YouTube video!!(Molton, 2013)

Digital locks are important BECAUSE...bypassing these locks is ILLEGAL(Government of Canada, 2011)


DID YOU KNOW: Terms of Use are a digital lock?! ((Paltzat & Sundar, 2014)


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