Copyright Rules for Elementary Students

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Copyright Rules for Elementary Students

Copyright Rules for Elementary StudentsResource: The 2learn Education Society. Retrieved from:

What types of documents are protected by copyright law?1. Books2. Music3. Artwork (Pictures too!)4. Plays (Drama)5. Performances6. Recordings 7. T.V. and Radio

But what happens if the person who created the work no longer exists?The work is still protected under the copyright law foryears!

Why are there copyright laws?Copyright laws protect intellectual property like published books and music. Just like we wouldn't want someone to steal our favourite t-shirt, copyright laws prevent people from stealing something like the words to a song and pretending like they wrote them.

What if I don't or forget to write down the name of the person's ideas I used?This is called PLAGARISM. We need to always remember to give others credit for their work. Always double check your projects and work to make sure you have credited others ideas.

What if I read a really good book and want to use some of the ideas in a project?You can, but...1. You MUST cite the work. This means that wherever you use the idea in the project, that authors name must be written down with the persons idea. For example you could say: ''My favourite author John Smith said ...''2. You can't use the whole book!

What if I hear a really good idea from a classmate and want to incorporate it in my own project, is this copyright?No. Remember, it's important to give and share ideas as well as to use ideas. Eventually each person will make an idea into something unique and their own. We SHOULDN'T take a friends painting or story that they wrote and copy it so that ours is exactly the same - this is like breaking the copyright rules.


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