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Copyright Presentation

ResearchingWhen we research, we find out lots of new and interesting information! This is great for our brains. But...when we go to write our projects or reports, it's important that we don't just copy this information. If it's not your words, it's not your learning. Copying other people's work is called PLAGIRISM.

How can I use other people's words? Cite the source: You can use other people's work if you give them credit. See the MLA guidelines. Rework it: If it is something you have learned, use your own words to tell us what you have learned. If you are unsure, always play it safe & cite the source.

Copyright & Copying Right

How to properly use sources

Using your own wordsIf you didn't write it or make it, then you are stealing other people's work. Imagine if someone copied your project word for word... you wouldn't like that! We must also be careful to not copy. Instead, there are a few things we can do:

If you didn't write it...cite it or don't use it!

Websites on CopyrightCopyright KidsCyberbeeTeaching CopyrightTaking the Mystery out of Copyright

What you can do:

Did you know? Everytime you create anything, you own the copyright to your work! Copyright applies to songs, writings, pictures, and many any other things!

If you see this symbol, it means that work is copyright protected.



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