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Physical Ownership of a Work VS. Ownership CopyrightIf you own the physical work, it does not mean that you own the copyright to that work. You must obtain written permission from the owner of the work to use the work for anything beyond its intended purpose.

Infringement of CopyrightInfringement means breaking the rules in the copyright law. There are 2 kinds of infringement to copyright law:1) Direct Infringement – when someone does something that only the copyright owner has the legal right to do/authorize. Some exceptions apply.2) Indirect Infringement – refers to people who do not have the legal authority to permit public performance of a work, allow it to take place.

How long does Copyright Last?Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the creator + 50 years.

Who owns Copyright?The Creator or author is the first owner of copyright of a work. Only this person(s) can authorize use of their works and also authorize the sale of the copyright, or give away rights.

What is protected under Copyright? 1)Literary Work – Anything written, including both electronic and paper formats)2)Dramatic Works – plays, films, t.v. shows, videos, documentaries, choreography, etc.3)Artistic Work – Drawings, paintings, maps, patterns, plans, costume and stage design, digital images, mosaics, etc. 4)Musical Work – songs (with and without lyrics), recordings, sheet music5)Sound Recording – audio books, cd’s, mp3’s, sound effects, oral history recordings, etc.6)Performer’s Performance – recorded performances of: musicians and dancers, singers, authors, video recordings/film, etc.7)Communication Signal – T.V. an radio signals.

What is Copyright? It is the legal right to sell, reproduce and publish a work. In Canada, works created are protected under copyright regardless of whether the creator has marked the work as copyrighted or not.




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