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Copyright Laws

Copyright LawBy: Kenzii Treadwell

What exactly are copyright laws?

Copyright Laws are laws designed to protect intellectual property rights and provide potential monetary rewards for intentiveness and hard work

What is so great about the public domain?

The public domain gives rights to the community at large, the documents are both uncopyrighted and unpatented. Which means anyone can use it.

What is shareware, and is it like freeware?

Shareware and Freeware are kind of the same. Shareware is software that is copyrighted but can still be used free of charge on a trial basis. With Freeware it is software that is provided without charge, you are able to use it whenever.

What does it mean to have derivative work?

A deriviative work is one that is based on pre-exsisting works like a musical arrangement,or a motion picture.

What is an attribution?

An attribution is the credit given to the one whose work is being copyrighted. It's sort of like an honor to the person. It shoes that they had something to do with the work.

What is royalty-free? How does it work?

Royalty-free is a piece of material that can be used legally, without paying a fee to the artist, publishing company or etc. Some royalty-free material is available at no fee to you, but most must be purchased.

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