Copyright Laws

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Copyright Laws

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Copyright Laws

DOES NOT COVER:IdeasFactsTitlesNamesShort phrasesBlank forms

COPYRIGHT LAW COVERS:Literary works (books, poems, software)Musical works, including any accompanying wordsDramatic works, including any accompanying musicPantomimes and choreographic worksPictorial, graphic, and sculptural worksMotion pictures and other audiovisual worksSound recordingsArchitectural works

The Copyright Act gives copyright owners (and those they authorize) the exclusive right to:Reproduce the workDistribute copies of the work to the publicPerform the work publiclyDisplay the copyrighted work publiclyPrepare derivative works based upon the work

Laws designed to protect intellectual property rights and provide potential monetary rewards for inventiveness and hard work.

Public domain is not the same as freeware or shareware:Freeware: software that is provided without a chargeShareware: copyrighted software that is available free of charge on a trial basis

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