Copyright in Canada

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Copyright in Canada

In Canada a Copyright is...A property right. It is a right one has to use his or her own property.

Physical Property is...Any tangible object including our homes, cars, televisions, and land.

Intellectual Property includes...Objects that do not exist in physical form. This includes lyrics to a song or even code for a computer program.

In Canada...Intellectual property is protected by a single set of Federal laws.

Copyright is... The right to copy one's own intellectual property

Creating and gaining copyrightto intellectual property gives us ownership of that property

These are the things that we cannot hold copyrights over becauase we do not hold intellectual ownership over them.

Plagiarism Occurs....When one commits an act that challenges the concept of intellectual honesty.

This includes....Handing in someone elses paper and claiming it is your own, a direct presentation of someone else's work,or the incorrect citation of source materials.

This means That copyright laws are inforced the same way throughout all of Canada.

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