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Copyright Explained


Copyright protect the "intellectual property" rights of those who create orignial work.

Websites which can help you:

No Copyright: Work can be used without permission or conditions!

Intellectual Property... is a name given to the original work that belongs to the creator.

For Example.. Handing in work that is not your own, or not citing sources

Can be found on: CD's, DVD's, Ebooks, Music and Games

Digital Locks.. prevent works from being used without permission or payment.

Material with Copyright: must be granted permission by creator.

Plagiarism... is not stating that someones work is not your own or claiming that it is yours.

Public Domain... means a work is no longer covered by copyright so it belongs to the public.

Copyright is in effect for as long as the creator is alive + 50 years after his/her death! It then becomes apart of the public domain.

Websites which can help you:

Education 210, WInter 2016


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