Copyright and Fair Use

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Copyright and Fair Use

ResourcesBurns, Joe. (2010). Copyright Questions and Answers. Copyright and Fair Use in the UMUC Online or Face-to-Face Classroom.Gilmore, Lynn. (1999). Copyright Law.

What is a Copyright? It is a form of intellectual property law. It protects an author or creator from his or her stuff being pirated and used without permission.Burns (2010)

What is Fair Use?Fair use is the "limited portions" allowable to use of a copyrighted item for works such as commentary, news reporting, academic reports, and the like. But you still have to give credit. You cannot claim the work as yours. You must cite where it came from.Burns (2010)

Copyright and Fair Use

How do I credit the Author?If available, you should include:1) Author's Name2) Title of the Work3)Publisher4) Place & Date of Publication

What is not protected by copyright law?-ideas or stories not written down-facts-most U.S. government materials

Checklist for Fair Use:__Is it for educational use?__Is the original material mainly facts?__Are you only using small amounts of the work?__Is the original material free to access?

Photos, artwork, written information, and internet resources can all be copyrighted.


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