Copy Right and Fair use

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Copy Right and Fair use

There is no harmful effect of the use, but it is encouraging the video watchers that they can use clips/videos from movies and programs.

The work has been taken by scenes of several different movies.

CopyRight and Fair use

The Psychology of Accents

Irene Eunsung Chung

the nature of the copyrighted work

the amount and substantiality of the portion taken

Short clips from movies were taken to be used on the video. However, most of the video was of her speaking with words on it, which is her orignial work.

the effect of the use upon the potential market.

the purpose and character of your use

Humorous and informational value was added. Because she used the clips to show examples of the accent,the value was added.

What I liked about the video & SuggestionsThe video is very educational and helpful. It is about how accents are related to psychology and the history of it. The video was very easy to understand and humorous. She included resources of the information she explained on the bottom of the video which showed where she got the basic information, but not the clips. Because of several misuses of copyright, My suggestion is her adding sources in each scenes, URLs on video, citation, or work-cited scene at the end.


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