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Copy of  Student Sample - Temp Change

What's that change??

A look into temperature change in Augusta, ME and Concord, NH

All plots represent the recorded mean temperature on April 30 between 1995-2014. Temperatures were found using

This histogram shows that temperature change had a rather skewed distribution and the center falls somewhere between 50˚F and 55˚F.

This histogram has a much more normal distribution than the one above. However, there is an outlier at 65˚F.

All plots were created using GeoGebra 5.Glog created by: Chelsey Oliver

April 30 1995-2014 Temperature Change (Augusta, ME)

April 30 1995-2014 Temperature Change (Concord, NH)

April 30 1995-2014 Temperature Change (Augusta, ME - TOP Concord, NH - BOTTOM)

By labeling the box plots with their 5-number summaries, it is much easier to analyze the boxplots.

Helpful hint: All plots for Augusta, ME are purple and all plots for Concord, NH are blue.

NH Mean Temperature: 49.85˚F

ME Mean Temperature: 49.6˚F

Standard Deviation for ME:6.398

Standard Deviation for NH:6.069

These dot plots are a great way to visualize temperature frequencies.


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