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The pike expedition was lead by Zebulon Pike, a US Army officer and Pathfinder. It was an expedition to the American southwest to investigate the Spanish settlements. This took place in 1805, they travled in many different places like the Mississippi River, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Kansas.

Lewis and Clark

It was a long and dangerous journey but at the end it was all worth it

By 1934, 30 States had responded by providing pensions for the needy aged, total expenditures for State programs for the aged that year were $31 million--an average of $19.74 a month per aged person. As the Depression worsened, benefits to individuals were cut further to enable States to spread available funds among as many people as possible.

Lewis and Clark/ Pike Expidtions

Lewis and Clark which were called the "Corps of Discovery" went on an expedition through the Rocky Mountains trying to find the north west passage but instead found the Pacific Ocean. They went all the way to the Rocky Mountains from the Mississippi River. They did this to open a new world of trade.

May 1804-1806

Our expedition was almost 8,000 miles long and about 3 years long.

May 1804-1806

Before reaching Colorado he spotted the famous mountain that was named in his honor.

There was 40 other people on Lewis and Clarks crew including Sacegauea an Native American girl and a man named Carbonneau a fur trader and cook and last but not least Seaman the dog that Lewis brought with him. There was also a slave and other after an American men.


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