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Copy of  NASA

On 1961. The President John F.Kennedy. Wanted to land people in the moon. The US had just started trying to put people in Space. They said was nasa ready to launch people to the moon? The President said and nasa that they could do it. So the rocket called Apollo 11's the mission of the rocket was to land two men in the moon and they also had to come back.

In July 1950 the first rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first rocket was called the Bumper 2; it was a two-stage rocket. The upper upper stage was able to reach then-record altitudes of almost 250 miles, higher than the international Space Station's orbit. It Launch under the directions of the General Electric Company , the Bumper 2 was used primarly for testing rocket systems and for reaserch on the upper atmoshere . The rockets carried small payloads that allowed them to measure attributes including air temperature and cosmic ray impacts. then Seven years later, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2, the first satellites into Earth orbit.

NASABy: Efrain Rivas

First launch

First people to land on the moon.

Dwarf planets are round and orbit the Sun just like the eight major planets. But unlike planets, dwarf planets are not able to clear their orbital path so there are no similar objects at roughly the same distance from the Sun. A dwarf planet is much smaller than a planet (smaller even than Earth's moon), but it is not a moon. Pluto is the best known of the dwarf planets.

Hot gas, dust and magnetic fields mingle in a colorful swirl in this new map of our Milky Way galaxy. The image is part of a new and improved data set from Planck, a European Space Agency mission in which NASA played a key role

Plank Mission explores the history of our universe

First moon landing 1969


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