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World War II

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Copy of  Miep Gies Timeline

The First Crusade, which Was the peoples crusade, was proclaimed by Urban II in the year 1095. The first wave was composed mostly of peasants, but they were followed by repeated military revolts. In 1099 they actually took control of Jerusalem from the Muslims and formed the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. This Kingdom lasted until 1187 until Jerusalem was re-taken by the Muslims.



First crusade

Crusade timeline


Second crusade

The Second Crusade started when Europeans lost control of Edessa, territory that they had previously controlled, to the Muslims. Led by King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany, the Europeans failed to regain any land and the crusade was a failure from a European point of view.

Third crusade


The Third Crusade was a response to Jerusalem’s fall in 1187 to Salah al-Din. Three great armies from Europe were led by Richard the Lion-hearted of England, Philip II of France, and the Holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Europe’s greatest warrior. However, Frederick accidentally drowned, the other two kings quarreled, and the whole crusade failed.

Fourth crusade


Instead of going to Jerusalem, the Fourth Crusade went to the Byzantine Empire’s capital, Constantinople, for various reasons. The European armies looted the city and overthrew the Byzantine emperor. The main outcomes of the Fourth Crusade were to deepen the division between Greek and Latin Christianity and to hasten the Byzantine Empire’s decline.

Children's crusade


The children¹s crusade began in 1212 and it included children from France and Rhine land. The French children were led by Stephen of Cloyes while the German children were led by Nicholas of Cologne. There were about 30,000 youths from ages 10 to 18 years old that walk across Europe to the Mediterranean Sea. They believed that God would part the sea for them and deliver the Holy City into their hands because they were innocent and poor. When the sea didn¹t open, some of the children turned back. A few were sold as slaves or just died.


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